Welcome to my corner of the world! 

Over the years I have worked within multiple industries, doing many different marketing roles.

From the organisation of conferences, festivals and product launches to TV ads, digital marketing campaigns and social media management, I have a wealth of experience in creating, delivering and implementing marketing plans – all ranging in budget from £400 to £4million!

These days I focus my attention on helping a select handful of key clients devise and deliver marketing plans to underpin all their business dreams. 

Whether it’s a new deciding on a new website, creating an advertising campaign or starting out with social media management, my expertise saves businesses time, money and lots of unnecessary nail biting – that’s why I love the difference I can make.

What’s it like working with me?

All my clients will tell you the same. I really take the time to get to know you and understand what it is that makes your business tick, as well as give you flexible and simple options to deliver great marketing plans. I’ll also tell you how it is, whether or not you’re wasting your budget and where your marketing time really should be spent (Unless you’re Jason Derulo – that Tick Tock video really hasn’t done you any favours). So be prepared!

When not working for Turner & Two I can be found refurbishing and investing in property, running around country lanes in a vague attempt to wear out my lively Cockerpoo or fighting over what to watch on Netflix with my kids.